Institute of World Civilizations

The Institute of World Civilizations is the unity of education, science and upbringing. We train high-level professionals and outstanding personalities! We create a comfortable, safe and creative environment!


The Institute of World Civilizations was founded by the founder Vladimir Volfovich Zhirinovsky on March 15, 1999. Since its foundation, the Institute has been formed as a higher educational institution with its own material base, equipped with modern equipment.
The teaching staff of the Institute is rich with candidates of sciences, associate professors and professors who train highly professional specialists.
We carry out fundamental and applied research, hold international scientific conferences, and help students find their way in science. An electronic library will be at your disposal, as well as external educational resources.
Comprehensive support and assistance is provided to young people in unlocking their potential and in obtaining the necessary social skills. The Institute has sports sections, a volunteer organization, a KVN team. The IMC conducts tours around Moscow and other Russian cities. The Institute provides bases for practices, internships, and also promotes the employment of graduates.
The Institute has two buildings in the central part of Moscow and three dormitories.

Barbotina Olga Alekseevna

Head of Legal and Personnel Policy Department


Design and Psychology

Foreign regional studies, International relations, Political science



Journalism and Advertising & Public Relations

Business informatics, Management, Economics, State and municipal administration



License and accreditation


+7 495 607-19-32


Moscow, Leninsky Prospekt, 1/2, bldg. one